Systemic Advocacy

Systemic advocacy involves working for long-term social change to make sure legislation, policies and practices support the rights and interests of people with impaired decision-making ability. This can include influencing the creation of new laws or changes to current laws. The priorities and plans of government and non-government agencies

RIA actively seek to address systemic issues that impact our regional, remote and very remote communities; working collaboratively with Local and State government agencies and departments, industry, service providers and local groups to address those issues that have a collective impact on people with a disability, including psychosocial illnesses. Our Advocates seek to influence legislation and policy associated with equitable access social justice and human rights through educating people with disability, their families or carers; community capacity building reinforcing the QLD Human Rights principles and articles of the Convention of the Rights of People with Disability (CRPD) to eliminate instances of direct and indirect discrimination towards people, because of disability.


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